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Gravity Disc Blog: New Outdoor Sports Toys 2020

Gravity Disc Blog: New Outdoor Sports Toys 2020

Gravity Disc - "World's Favorite Mini-Frisbee"

The Official Gravity Disc is a small flying frisbee sports toy that can fly over 65 meters, fits in your pocket, and gets you outside having fun. Expect hours of outdoor fun anywhere, anytime with this best selling outdoor lawn game for individuals of all ages! 

This little pocket flying disk is great for people interested in outdoor sports games, yard toys, fun new products, ultimate frisbee, disc golf, sports equipment, outdoor recreation, camping, martial arts, or throwing flying toys in general.

Check out this video showing off some of the best mini frisbee trick shots to date from our good friend @outofthisworldau 



What is a Gravity Disc, and who would buy one?

As you can see, there are countless ways to have fun with this new outdoor sports toy. Our product appeals to everyone! If you life having fun, and playing games then you are in the right place.

It’s a ton of fun to play with friends and family, and the only limit to the amount of fun you can have is left up to your imagination.

Throw your Gravity Disc mini-frisbee at the park, beach, yard, playground, in the street, or even in the house; just about anywhere!

Fun new outdoor sports toys or games for adults - Gravity DiscHow do you throw a Gravity Disc?

Throwing a Gravity Disc mini frisbee is easy. Simply throw it forehand like you would skip a rock on water. That was the initial inspiration for the design.

Make sure you release your disk parallel to the ground, and give your wrist a bit of a “flick” upon release. 

Our most popular color is the yellow Gravity Disc mini frisbee, but the blue, green, and orange units are also very popular.


best selling mini frisbee flying toy for sale online - Gravity Disc


Tips for Throwing Your Gravity Disc Sports Toy Outdoors

The secret to throwing this fun sports product is keeping it parallel to the ground when you release it from your hand.

If you tilt it at all, it will not be able to create lift off the ground. Give it a good wrist snap upon release, and throw it at about 75% of your total strength.

If you grew up playing fun outdoor sports games or family games then you will surely be able to enjoy the Gravity Disc with just a little practice.


outdoor sports toys for young adults | Gravity Disc


Some of our customers have found that keeping your elbow in and close to your body helps. We would agree that this is so, because it helps keep the disc in a position where it can fly straighter and attain better lift.

If you are still having trouble getting distance on your throws, just try throwing it however feels most comfortable to you.

Below is an image of the blue gravity disc outdoor sports games for adults for your sizing reference.


 Outdoor yard games or toys for adults - Gravity Disc Mini Frisbee


If you have ever played ultimate frisbee then you will love our brand new product. It makes for a great "warm-up" tool, or for unexpected fun on the field or with friends.

The best part about playing with a Gravity Disc is the fact that not every throw will be perfect. This will get you to focus, and be present during your warm ups. Some throws will be better than others, and that is what makes it a fun and entertaining challenge.


Gravity Disc Outdoor Sports Toy - Black


We will soon be selling the black Gravity Disc outdoor sports toy exclusively to customers who have already placed an order with us on our online store. Keep an eye out for our emails, as this will be the only way to get your hands on this specialty color variant.

Rest assured that with a little practice you will end up tossing our product distances that will amaze you.

The feeling of a perfect release, and stable flight is one of our favorite feelings in the world!



Gravity Disc mini frisbee toy

Why do people love throwing Gravity Discs?

There are lots of reasons why our loyal customers love throwing their Gravity Disc mini-frisbees, and here are the five most common.

DISTANCE: The Gravity Disc™️ is designed to be used at various distances from short range all the way up 65 meters away!

POCKET-SIZE: The Gravity Disc™️ is easy to carry for fun in never before played locations. You can take it everywhere!


popular lawn games or outdoor sports toys 2020 - Gravity Disc


STABLE FLIGHT: This is what makes throwing and catching a Gravity Disc™️ possible. Level release = level flight. Angled release = curved flight. 

EASY to USE: The Gravity Disc™️ is great for individuals of all ages, and easy to learn with just a little practice.

SOFT and FLEXIBLE: Our goal was to make the Gravity Disc™️ durable, yet also soft for confident catches. Great for having fun both indoors and outdoors.

small pocket frisbee flying toy - Gravity Disc

Play more with the Gravity Disc Mini-Frisbee 

Our company mission is to share the natural joy of good old fashion fun with 25 million of you. Play has so many wonderful benefits of having fun outside, and we think the world today needs our product more than ever!

Play allows humans to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. 

Play is important to healthy brain development. It is through play that humans of all ages stay active, get moving, and develop new neural pathways in the brain.

They say geniuses pick the color green, and that might just be why the green gravity disc mini frisbee is also one of our best selling variants.


 Gravity Disc outdoor game or backyard toy in green or black color


The Official Gravity Disc is soon to make the list for the top outdoor sports toys for young adults in 2020. We believe that our one-of-a-kind product deserves the attention it gets for many reasons. 

For one, it is designed for safe damage-free fun both indoors and outside. The soft silicone blend used to create the disk doesn't hurt at all, and won't break anything.



Gravity Disc mini frisbee toy


Who enjoys playing with a Gravity Disc?

Our mini-frisbee is popular among many groups, however the ultimate frisbee community absolutely loves our product.

We also have a steady following of disc golf enthusiasts, and are very grateful for their support thus far.

Due to the fact that our small pocket flying toy is thrown forehand, it makes a wonderful warm-up product before your next Ultimate frisbee match!


Buy Gravity Disc Pocket frisbee toy online


Which color Gravity Disc should you choose?

This is a question we get a lot. You should choose a color that will be best suited to the environment in which you plan to play the most.

If you plan on playing outside in the yard, or in the park in the grass, then we recommend either the yellow or blue disks. The Gravity Disc in orange is also easy to find on a green background.

For those of you who plan on playing on asphalt, concrete, or on blacktop we recommend the green disk.The yellow is also a great choice; and if in doubt the yellow is always the easiest to find.


Yellow gravity disc - small pocket disk flying toy


We sincerely hope you enjoyed this complete overview of the Official Gravity Disc mini frisbee outdoor toy. We hope that you now understand what it is, as well as what it does.

It is our intent to share our amazing product with as many of you as possible, and would love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment below with any comments, questions, or concerns you may have.

Customer satisfaction and return refund policy guarantee - gravity disc website

We want to thank you for taking the time to read the Official Gravity Disc Blog! We know that people prefer social media to actually reading these days, and totally get that. 

We wish all of you the very best during these times, and hope all is well.

Until next time,

The Gravity Disc™️ Team

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