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Pocket-sized play

Easily fits in your pocket for "on-the-go" fun.

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Flies over 200+ feet

Aerodynamically designed to perfection, the gravity disc flies through the air like crazy!

Hours of spontaneous fun

Do you have what it takes to master the Gravity Disc? Yeah? Well let's see what you got!

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How do you throw it?
  • The Gravity Disc was designed to be thrown forehand like skipping a stone. This technique allows for maximum distance and accuracy. However, it can be thrown backhand, like a traditional frisbee, at shorter distances.
Can I play in the water?
  • Yes, the Gravity Disc is waterproof and floats. It’s perfect for spontaneous fun at the beach, lake, river, or pool.
Does it hurt to catch it?
  • No, the Gravity Disc is made of a soft silicone gel blend. It’s perfect for pain-free catches and damage-free fun indoors & outdoors.
Is it just a miniature frisbee?
  • Not at all, it’s so much more. The Gravity Disc is a skill toy that you throw fore-hand like skipping a rock on water, and fits in your pocket for spontaneous on-the-go fun. With enough practice, you can make it dance through the air unlike any traditional flying disc.
How long does shipping take?
  • US orders placed on weekdays ship in 24-48 hours. Transit takes 3-5 business days. International orders ship within a week, and arrive in 1-2 weeks.
Internatioal import tax/customs
  • Buyers will be responsible to pay import tax based on their individual country’s policies. International shipping price refers to postage cost, not import fees.

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